Where Can You Find Information About Jennifer Aniston's Personal Life?


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You can find information about Jennifer Aniston's personal life by reading biographies of her on Biography.com and People.com as well as reading interviews and articles about her in magazines US Weekly. Typically, these sources offer both personal and professional information about Aniston.

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The Biography.com page for Jennifer Aniston is broken down into five sections: Synopsis, Early Life, Friends, Film Career and Personal Life. The early life section provides information about her personal life, including who her parents are and where she attended school. Further down, the Personal Life section provides information about her marriage to and divorce from Brad Pitt and information about her engagement to Justin Theroux.

The People.com entry on Aniston provides a chronological list of major events with Aniston. Some of these events include anecdotes about her early childhood, her relationships with fellow stars and her relationship with her mother.

Interviews in US Weekly also provide information about Aniston's personal life. Examples include an article published by Esther Lee on January 21st, 2015, in which Aniston discussed her struggles with dyslexia growing up, how this affected her self-image and confidence, her anger issues and more information about her contentious relationship with her mother, whom Aniston calls "critical."

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