How Can You Find Information on the "Ghost Hunters" Team?


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The official SyFy channel website publishes a profile for each team member of the current season of "Ghost Hunters," as of 2015. Additionally, TV.com and IMDb.com list current and past season investigators, guest stars, directors and crew members. All three sites include pictures, biographies and, if applicable, Twitter account information.

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"Ghost Hunters" premiered on the SyFy channel on October 6, 2004. The one-hour weekly reality series chronicles the work of The Atlantic Paranormal Society as it investigates paranormal activity across the United States. Each episode covers a new location and investigation. The series has recorded nine seasons and over 200 episodes, as of 2015, and the producers continue to tape and air new episodes.

TAPS was founded in 1990 by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, two plumbers who had separate, individual encounters with paranormal activity. TAPS is a network of paranormal researchers who dedicate their free time, experience and equipment to investigate haunted houses, supernatural activity and other related phenomenon based on requests from the public. They offer several promises on their website. First, that they perform their work in a professional and confidential manner using the latest technology available. Second, they only use recording devices with the express permission of the homeowner. Third, TAPS does not charge for the work they do. In fact, any expenses incurred during the investigation are covered by the organization.

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