Where Can You Find Information About Bill Gaither's Tour Schedule?

Find information about Bill Gaither’s tour schedule on Gaither.com, where he publishes dates and venues of concerts, festivals, cruises and other events. Visitors can also purchase tickets on the website. Bill Gaither is a Southern gospel and contemporary Christian singer, songwriter and record producer. He and his wife, Gloria, have co-written numerous successful Christian songs. He is also popular for being part of Gaither Vocal Band and Bill Gaither Trio.

Bill Gaither was born in Alexandria, Indiana, on March 28, 1936. In 1956, along with his siblings Danny and Mary Ann, he formed the Bill Gaither Trio. In 1959, he graduated from Anderson College and worked as an English teacher. In 1962, he married Gloria Sickal, who later replaced Mary Ann in the Bill Gaither Trio. Bill and Gloria have three children: Suzanne, Amy and Benjamin.

The 1964 song, “He Touched Me,” is Gaither’s breakthrough song. As of 2015, Bill and Gloria have composed over 700 songs together. Gloria mainly writes the lyrics, and Bill composes the music. “Because He Lives,” “It Is Finished,” “Something Beautiful,” “The Longer I Serve Him” and “Let's Just Praise The Lord” are some of their popular songs. Gaither has received numerous awards and honors, including Grammy Awards and GMA Dove Awards.