What Are Some Facts That Can Be Included in a "Saved by the Bell" Quiz?

What Are Some Facts That Can Be Included in a "Saved by the Bell" Quiz?

Bayside High School had one classroom, Slater's initials stand for Albert Clifford, and Elizabeth Berkley originally auditioned for the part of Kelly Kapowski. These facts could be included on a quiz about "Saved by the Bell," a TV series that ran from 1989 to 1993 on NBC.

"Saved by the Bell" was a revised version of "Good Morning, Miss Bliss," which aired for one season on the Disney Channel after NBC passed on the original series pilot. Disney reused the original "Saved by the Bell" set in such series as "That's So Raven" and "iCarly." The "Saved by the Bell" creative team rearranged furniture in Bayside High School's one room to give the impression of multiple spaces.

Although there is an actual Bayside High School in New York City, the Bayside High in "Saved by the Bell" was originally set in Indiana before moving to California after the title of the show changed.

Zack and Screech are the only two characters who appeared in every episode of the show, including in its predecessor, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss." Dustin Diamond was only 12 when Peter Engel, the creator of the show, cast him as Screech. A. C. Slater also appeared in every episode of "Saved by the Bell.

Scott Gale, who wrote the "Saved by the Bell" theme song also wrote the theme for "The Golden Girls."