How Can a Hand-Drawn Monogram Be Converted to a Digital Font?


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A hand-drawn monogram can be converted to a digital font by a font editor and conversion software program, such as Glyphs, and a vector graphics illustrator, such as Adobe Illustrator. This process also requires a scanner that can scan with a resolution of at least 1600 dpi.

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Scan the hand-drawn monogram, and save the file as a JPEG or a TIFF. Create a New Document within Adobe Illustrator. Select the appropriate image, and open it within Adobe Illustrator, then open the Image Trace. Make sure the Preview box is checked, then set the Mode to Black and White, and tweak the Threshold, Paths and Corners levels to achieve the desired accuracy of the trace. Click Trace.

Keep Illustrator active, open Glyphs, and create a new font. Click Letter, then uppercase. Double-click the letter that corresponds to the hand-drawn monogram. Keep Glyphs open, return to Illustrator, click the same letter, or vector character, and click Edit. Go back into Glyphs, then into Edit Paste. Glyphs pastes the vector into the window, and the vector can be edited and scaled.

Go to Font Info, under File, and open a new window. Give the monogram a name. Save the digital monogram in an accessible folder on a hard drive or jump drive. Repeat the whole process to digitize additional hand-drawn letters.

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