Where Can You Get "The Green Inferno" on DVD?


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As of May 2015, "The Green Inferno" has yet to receive a home media release. Originally slated for theatrical release in September 2014, the film was delayed due to financial difficulties. Director Eli Roth is confident that it will be released, but there is no concrete date.

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With less than a month to go before the slated Sept. 5, 2014 release of "The Green Inferno," distributor Open Road pulled the film due to financial disputes with Worldview Entertainment, the company contracted to provide funds to advertise Eli Roth's Amazonian gorefest. In a March 10, 2015 interview with IGN, Roth addressed the question of when the film might be released, stating that a theatrical release was still in the works and that all parties involved were committed to getting the legal issues ironed out. In that interview, Roth indicated that the goal had been set for an August or September 2015 release, but added that while they were at "the one-yard line," they had been there before and still been pulled. Roth thanked his fans for their enthusiasm and for keeping the buzz for the film alive as well as their patience and understanding as they worked to resolve the various obstacles.

As of May 2015, the film is still awaiting a firm release date. Once the film receives a theatrical release, a home media release is likely to follow after a three- to six-month waiting period.

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