Where Can You Find Glass Painting Designs?

Craftionary.com and Art.Ekstrax.com post glass painting patterns and design ideas. GlassPaintings.org sells glass painting patterns, and it also shares free patterns. DIY Home Decor Guide posts easy glass painting designs for beginners on its website.

Craftionary.com posts easy glass painting design ideas for glasses, jars, bowls, coasters and candleholders, as well as lamps, a cake stand, plates, trays and photo displays. The company also posts pictures and instructions for how to make marbleized painted glasses. Art.Ekstrax.com shares a photo gallery of painted glass designs, including exotic birds, wine glass designs, stained glass designs, culturally-influenced work and colorful abstract designs.

GlassPaintings.org offers several free downloadable glass painting patterns, including a swan, a dancing woman, a harp player and ornate, abstract designs. The company also offers free patterns for flower pots, birds, flowers, cartoons and modern art, as well as God/Goddess patterns, fairy patterns, scenery and stained glass patterns. The company sells selected fairy glass painting patterns, and customers can view enlarged images of patterns before downloading. GlassPaintings.org also provides a large selection of informative articles and tutorials for glass painting.

DIY Home Decor Guide shares simple glass painting patterns for hearts and flowers. Some more advanced design ideas from the company include patterns for a peacock, a butterfly and fish. DIY also offers a tutorial for painting glass jars and bottles.