How Can You Generate Your Own Monogram?

How Can You Generate Your Own Monogram?

To generate a monogram, enter an initial into a text editing program such as Microsoft Word, choose a font and increase the size. When the first letter is finished, layer additional initials, experiment with different colors or text or borders to the monogram.

A monogram is a graphic comprised of a person, couple or family's initials. To create a monogram, use the following steps.

  1. Open a text editing program
  2. Create monograms in any text editing program such as Microsoft Word.

  3. Enter a letter into the text window
  4. Create a text box. Enter one initial into the box to get started.

  5. Experiment with fonts, sizes and colors
  6. Change the letter into different fonts, sizes and colors until the letter reflects the desired look.

  7. Add another letter
  8. Create a second text box. Add another initial or add text such as names. Duplicate the font, size and color of the first letter or create new settings for the new text.

  9. Choose a placement for the new text
  10. Move the second text box around the page to find the right placement, such as horizontal, vertical or diagonal. If desired, layer the text.

  11. Choose a border (optional)
  12. If desired, add a border around the monogram.