Where Can a Gallery of Body Paintings From the Fantasy Fest Be Located?

The Key West Fantasy Fest has a gallery of photos on its website for every year of the festival. From the home page, hover the cursor over Experience and click on Photos to display a gallery from the previous year's festival. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view a list of galleries from all years. Click on a specific year to open its gallery.

Every year follows a specific theme, and visitors are encourage to wear costumes and use body paint that match that theme. Visitors must follow the local laws regarding public nudity: full nudity is not allowed, and body painting must be done in a private area. Women may have nude painted breasts, but only within designated areas of the festival. Outside of these areas, they must wear a cover-up.

Fantasy Fest is a 10 day festival in Key West, Florida, which usually runs from the end of October to the beginning of November. The celebrations culminate on Halloween night. Fantasy Fest was started by the Key West Tourist Development Association to boost the local economy, and the celebration now produces more revenue for the town than any other week of the year.

Festival events can include food tasting, large parties at local bars, interactive fantasy role-playing experiences and costumed performances. The festival also features family-friendly events, including arts and crafts, rides, games, food, and a costume contest.