Where Can You Find Full-Body Massage Videos?

YouTube and Oakworks feature videos of full body massages. Many of these videos are for educational or relaxation purposes. Various massage styles and techniques are taught through user-submitted videos on YouTube.

Swedish, Korean and erotic full body massage videos are available on YouTube, as of 2015. Many channels on YouTube focus on posting free, educational massage videos for users to learn from. Registered YouTube members can subscribe to these channels.

The Oakworks blog features a wide variety of massage videos, including videos featuring pregnancy, sports, lomi lomi, myofascial release and hot stone massage, as well as stretching exercises. The videos on this blog feature professional massage therapists at work.

The term "full body massage" simply indicates that the massage therapist works on the whole body instead of focusing on a couple parts. The body areas typically included are the neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs. Feet and hands are usually included as well. Some massage therapists incorporate the chest for male clients. Full body massages typically last for 50 minutes to an hour.

Some massage parlors may use the words "full body massage" to indicate massages that include sexual contact or favors. However, this is an illegal practice, and it should be reported to local authorities.