How Can You Fix Display Problems With Panasonic TVs?

The process of fixing display problems with Panasonic televisions differs depending on the type of display. For LED displays, fix the problem of light imbalances that cause the edges of the screen to be brighter than the center by accessing the backlight adjustment and turning the backlight down to 60 percent to even out the lighting. LED displays that lose sharpness in contrast at angles can be fixed by relocating the television. LED televisions should always be viewed at eye level.

To fix display problems with Panasonic plasma televisions, avoid leaving a still picture on the screen for more than an hour. This often occurs when a DVD is paused for too long, and it can cause the image to permanently burn into the screen. This is more likely to happen during the first 200 hours the television is used. If anti-burn settings aimed to recalibrate pixels are available, employ them after the first 100 hours of use.

To avoid burn on a plasma television, set the contrast to below 50 percent. If it is within the first 200 hours of use, a contrast setting of less than 50 percent is also acceptable. Utilize protection features like power management and full-time picture shift when playing video games. If available, employ the automatic screen saver function. This typically places a moving picture on the screen in lieu of a static one to prevent burn.