Where Can Free Filipino Movies Be Found Online?

Where Can Free Filipino Movies Be Found Online?

Free Filipino movies are found online at PinoyMovie2k.ph.com, PinoyMovie.com, watchfilipinomovies.com and tvnijuan.net. One may find movies with English titles as well as movies with Filipino titles. Similarly, there are full movies as well as teasers and trailers.

Examples of Filipino movies available online as of 2015 include The Dramatics, Butter on the Latch, Paranormal Activity, Foreclosure, Fifty Shades of Grey and Blood of Rumson. Others include That Thing Called Tadhana, Norte, Hangganan ng, Bagito, Faced to Love You, Kalian Tama Ang and many more.

There are hundreds of Filipino movies in different genres available online. Examples of such genres are thriller, musical, science fiction, comedy, drama, documentary, horror, history, fantasy, adventure, family, action, biography, animation, war, romance and sport. Others are Western movies, crime and short stories.

One may tailor the online search for Filipino movies by clicking the desired genre. The movie plays automatically on the computer screen without the need for downloading. In fact some movie platforms support mobile devices, such as smart phones, iPads and tablets.

However, the clarity and streaming quality may depend on the Internet service provider in use. One advantage of online movies is that one may pause and continue watching later. Some websites caution users against downloading, since some movies might contain computer viruses and malware.