How Can You Draw up Plans for a Custom Home?


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To draw up plans for a custom house, use an architectural software program, such as the 3D Home Architect program or Home Designer Pro. Open a new design file, and once the document opens, click on the tile for setting up walls. Drag the wall tool from one grid to another to create the dimensions of your custom house. Create the outer walls, and then create interior walls to form rooms, bathrooms, hallways and closets.

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Click on the tile for windows and doors, and select the appropriate door or window option. Insert each option where you want it to appear. Vary the design of the windows and doors depending on where it belongs or what its function is. Add symbols from the same menu as the others that indicate electrical outlets or utility hardware. Many programs allow you to choose the specific type of outlet, utility or appliance, such as plumbing, water heaters and kitchen appliances.

Look over your design to ensure that the floor plan is as desired. Save the approved plan to your computer using the "Save As" feature. Enter a file name that is easy to remember and click the "OK" button. Print the plan, adjusting the printer settings to the plan specifications.

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