How Can You Draw a Pixie?

How Can You Draw a Pixie?

To begin drawing a pixie, sketch a rough outline of a female human body, and draw a dress on it. Once this is done, move to the face and pencil in the eyes, nose and then mouth. Lastly, add the hair, and add wings to the back of the figure.

The easiest way to draw a human figure is to begin by drawing rough shapes that resemble the structure of the body. Begin by drawing an oval for the head. Draw a straight line down and a perpendicular line slightly below the head to indicate the shoulders. The space between the perpendicular line and the head serves as the pixie's neck.

Using the rough guidelines, draw the shoulders, arms, neck and hands. Use the guidelines to determine where her dress starts and end, and draw the dress. Draw the legs and add any details to the dress. Some details that can be added include folds near the arm area, frills and lines to indicate motion.

Next, draw the facial features of the pixie. The features may be drawn in a realistic fashion or a stylized fashion. The eyes should be located at about the three quarter mark of the face. Indicate the nose through light shading on the opposite side of the light source. Draw the mouth and add any other facial features.

Sketch the outline of the hair and carefully shade it in to resemble strands of hair. Lastly, add wings of any design to the back of the figure. Erase all of the rough sketch lines and use pencil shading or colored pencils to bring the drawing to life.