How Can You Draw a Butterfly?

How Can You Draw a Butterfly?

Butterflies are usually represented with their wings extended, so drawing a butterfly requires drawing two mirroring halves. To draw a butterfly, start with the basic outline, and then add the details. The project requires paper and a pencil with an eraser. Colored pencils are optional.

Start by drawing the top part of the body. One way to do this is by drawing an oval for the head and sketching a light line for the body. Alternatively, start just with the thorax or with an oval that represents the main body part.

Next, sketch the wings. The top wings, or forewings, should be large and drawn as triangles with rounded corners. The hindwings typically resemble flower petals. Both should be drawn in a radius from the thorax.

Now, extend the rest of the body down from the thorax, either as a single, long oval or as a series of segments. If desired, add tiny lines to the thorax to represent fur.

Add details to the wings. If desired, look at a picture of a butterfly, and copy the wing pattern. Alternatively, start with ovals, one in each wing. Add dots, ovals, arcs and lines. Some lines can be made darker or thicker.

Complete the drawing with eyes and antennae on the head. A proboscus can also be added. Use colored pencils to shade in the wings.