How Can I Draw Angel Wings?

How Can I Draw Angel Wings?

To draw angel wings, start by looking over pictures of paintings featuring angel wings to get an idea of their appearance. The necessary supplies are paper, a pencil, an eraser and an additional 2B pencil to complete your drawing.

  1. Draw an outline

    Fold the paper in half, and lightly draw a line down the middle. Use a pencil so errors can be erased. Draw a loosely sketched letter "M" and an upside down letter "V" in the middle to create the rough outline. The shapes should look almost like teardrops.

  2. Sketch in the feathers

    Start from the top, and lightly draw feathers with your choice of pointed or rounded ends. Draw the feathers like the letter "V" with either sharp tips or slightly rounded ones. Draw a soft line in the middle of each to represent the feather shaft. Work in rows from the top to about halfway down. Below the midpoint of the wings, make the feathers more elongated so they resemble the feathers of a bird.

  3. Duplicate the image

    Use an eraser to remove excess lines. Retrace the lines you want to keep with a 2B pencil, which leaves a strong imprint on the paper. Fold the paper in half again, and push gently to imprint the image on the other side. This results in two perfectly matched, opposite wings.