Where Can You Find Dragon Sketches?

Where Can You Find Dragon Sketches?

A number of online resources including PinInterest.com, DragoArt.com and Tumblr.com feature dragon sketches. TopDesignMag.com is another website which features dragon artwork. These websites offer many different types of dragon artwork, submitted by both amateur users and professional artists.

PinInterest.com features sketches of dragons including baby dragons, Celtic dragons and even pencil-drawing tutorials. Some sketches focus on particular body parts, while others deal with incorporating dragon motifs into other forms of design.

DragoArt.com is a forum where users submit their own artwork. The site offers more than 3,000 user generated images, each of which is accompanied by comments from the artist. Other users can also comment on the image. DragoArt.com is not limited to dragons, as unicorns, elves and fairies are also prominently featured on the site.

Tumblr.com also features user-generated art. Images of dragons are presented in a variety of media including pencil on paper, ink drawings and digital graphics. Users are encouraged to leave notes for the artists.

TopDesignMag.com, on the other hand, features dragon-related content and images that are not user generated. Though some of the featured drawings are sketches, many of the dragons are designed with multimedia software and feature high levels of graphic design and illustration expertise.