Where Can You Find a Downloadable Copy of "The Rainbow Bridge"?


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A downloadable PDF file of the poem "The Rainbow Bridge" is available on the Freckled Paws website. "The Rainbow Bridge," whose author is unknown, is a poem that is designed to help pet owners cope with the loss of a beloved pet. The poem talks about where a pet goes after its death, how happy it is now that its suffering has ended and how it is waiting for the owner in the afterlife.

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Where Can You Find a Downloadable Copy of "The Rainbow Bridge"?
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The website Rainbow Bridge allows pet owners to create a living memorial to their beloved pet for a nominal monthly fee. Owners can select a memorial stone and an area where that stone can be placed on the Rainbow Bridge. Photos of the pet can also go there as well as icons representing items the pet liked, such as flowers and toys. The site states that a portion of the monthly fee is donated to animal shelters and rescue organizations in the pet's name.

As with any death, the loss of a pet is a difficult blow to its owners. As noted by the website, grief counselors Doctors Foster and Smith recommend positive actions to help relieve the grief that a pet's death brings, such as creating a memorial in the pet's honor. Others include framing photographs of the pet, planting a tree or flowers in its memory, creating a scrapbook featuring the pet or making a donation to a local animal shelter or rescue organization.

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