Where Can You Download Free Songs?

Where Can You Download Free Songs?

Some sites to download free music include FreeMusicArchive.org, NoiseTrade.com, Amazon.com and MP3.com. Each site offers a wide range of free music downloads in a variety of genres.

Iconic New Jersey community radio station WFMU started FreeMusicArchive.org in 2009 in an effort to provide a variety of underground music free to download. The site partners with a number of curators, including record labels, art collectives and other radio stations, all of which provide a selection of free tracks to download. Users can browse the site’s extensive archives either by curator or by genre.

NoiseTrade.com functions as a cross between a free download service and a promotional platform for artists. By offering up an email address and agreeing to receive promotional messages from artists, users gain access to free songs from those musicians. The service helps fans support artists without having to actually pay for digital downloads.

Amazon.com offers an enormous amount of pay-to-download music, but the web giant offers a generous selection of free music as well. Users only need to navigate to site’s Digital Music section, click on “Songs” and then scroll down to browse a variety of free tunes.

In operation since 1997, MP3.com is one of the oldest free music sites online. Although it doesn’t have as large a selection as many competitors, the site features some songs that are not available for free anywhere else.