Where Can You Download Full Versions of 2014 Pinoy Movies?

Where Can You Download Full Versions of 2014 Pinoy Movies?

Full versions of Filipino films are generally not available for download, unless a movie is in the public domain. Netflix, Filipino language channels and on-demand subscriptions allow viewers to watch new and classic Pinoy movies without having to download them.

A movie may enter the public domain if it has been released without copyright notice or if it has a defective notice.

Netflix offers a selection of Filipino movies, including Erik Matti's crime film "On the Job." The Netflix-owned DVD.com also offers a number of Tagalog language movies for rent, most of which are independent films. It also has some mainstream movies that feature popular actors, including "Dubai," "A Very Special Love" and "One More Chance."

Cinema One Global broadcasts Filipino films through various platforms, including cable, satellite TV and online streaming. Filipino On Demand is another channel that airs movies, along with concerts and TV shows, on demand. Both channels are owned by TFC.

TFC movies and TV shows can be streamed on computers and mobile devices through a TFC.tv subscription, which costs $12.95 per month as of January 2016. New subscribers can choose a free 7-day trial.

TFC channels are also available through the company's TFC IPTV subscription, which requires customers to connect the proprietary TFC set top box to an Internet router.

AT&T U-verse TV offers Viva TV Plus in its Filipino TV package. The channel features 24-hour broadcasting of popular Tagalog movies, TV shows and events.