Where Can You Donate Used Magazines?

Used magazines can be donated to local libraries, retirement communities, military units, women's shelters, hospitals and doctor's offices. They can also be donated to preschools for use in crafts. Another option is to swap old magazines with friends who have not read them yet.

Anyone wishing to donate magazines should check ahead to make sure their donation will be appreciated. Some libraries do not accept magazine donations but may be willing to pass them along to the Friends of the Library association for sale. Magazines about specific hobbies are often appreciated at stores catering to hobbyists. Magazines that are not appropriate for children should not be donated to preschools.

Specific subjects and themes are appreciated in certain locations. Auto repair shops are best for donations of auto or hunting magazines. Doctor and dentist offices are good places to donate a variety of magazines, including those geared towards men, women or children. If the publications are specific to a hobby or trade, an online search may help find an organization that can put them to use. Individuals who are moving or packing items for storage can use magazine pages as wrap for delicate items and packing.