How Can You Get Directions to Patriot Cinemas in Hanover?

Patriot Cinemas provides driving directions to its theater in Hanover, Massachusetts, on its website, The website also lists the Hanover theater's address, showtimes phone number, manager's number and fax number. Each Patriot Theater's website offers the same information on its specific website.

To find the driving directions to Patriot Cinemas in Hanover, Massachusetts, click on the cinema's location icon on the main page of the website. Then click the Theater Information link on the menu to see detailed information. The website also offers other information, such as the location's movie showtimes, future movies, prices and an employment application.

Guests of Patriot Cinemas can access a variety of services at each location or on the website, including gift cards and certificates for both tickets and concessions, accommodations for groups of over 100 and the newsletter club.

The owner of Patriot Cinemas, Phil Scott, bought his first cinema in 1964, which was a one-screen building in Hingham, Massachusetts. Over time, the Scott family, including Phil, his wife Edie and their son David, purchased several other cinemas in the area. As of 2015, they operate three theaters across Hingham and Hanover, Massachusetts, and one in Portland, Maine, showing movies on 23 digital screens with surround sound.