Where Can You Find Directions to the Nearest Muvico Theater?

Directions to the nearest Muvico theater can be found by searching "Muvico" at Fandango's website. Carmike Cinemas purchased Muvico Theaters in 2013, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal. However, as of March 2015, all nine Muvico locations continue to operate under the Muvico name, according to Fandango.

Of the nine Muvico theater locations, seven are in Florida, one is in Illinois and one is in California, as listed by Fandango. Two of the Florida locations are in the City of Tampa. The other five Florida locations are in Palm Harbor, West Palm Beach, St. Petersburg, Hialeah and Pompano Beach. The Illinois location is in the City of Rosemont, and the California location is in the City of Thousand Oaks.