How Can You Design Your Own Magazine Cover?


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To design your own magazine cover, take or choose an image that depicts the theme of the issue and creates a visual impact. Next, place the magazine name or logo in a prominent place with a large, readable font. Select some of the articles as a feature for the cover, and create blurbs that summarize each article's content.

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When selecting an image, consider what the picture evokes in the minds of the readers. The image should relate to the name or purpose of the magazine. For example, if the magazine is a bridal magazine, the image should reflect the theme of the issue, such as centerpieces, decor, gowns or food. However, if the magazine is called "Southern Bride," then the best image for the cover would be an image related to a Southern theme, as well as the theme of the issue. If there is a specific article in the issue that is considered the main article, choose an image that correlates to that article.

Publishers typically display the logo or magazine name at the top of the cover. It should be the second largest visual on the cover, next to the image. Avoid obscuring the logo by cluttering the area around it or covering part of the logo with the image.

Choose article blurbs for the cover that relate to the theme of the issue, but also capture the reader's attention. These blurbs are only a few words, and are typically staggered on the left and right of the main cover image. Choose a clear font for each of the texts on the cover. It is acceptable to use different fonts for different sections for creative purposes.

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