How Can You Design Your Own Letterhead on a Computer?

How Can You Design Your Own Letterhead on a Computer?

To design a letterhead on a computer, choose information to include in the letterhead, select a font type, size and color and choose placement on the page. Businesses can also choose to use company logos in their letterheads.

To design a personalized letterhead, run through the following steps.

  1. Choose contact information
  2. Letterheads traditionally include a name, address, phone number and e-mail address. However, paring down the letterhead to simply include a name and one piece of contact information can help create simple, streamlined letterheads. Choose the contact information that is most important.

  3. Select the formatting
  4. Experiment with different fonts, font sizes and font colors to create a personalized look.

  5. Place the letterhead on the page
  6. Go to the "Insert" menu in Microsoft Word and select "Header and Footer." Type out the letterhead content using the chosen font formatting settings into the header section. Experiment with different layouts before deciding on a final placement. To view how the letterhead looks at the top of the page, press "Print Layout" in Microsoft Word.

  7. Add a logo
  8. Businesses or business professionals can choose to incorporate a company logo in the letterhead design. Insert logos into the header text box in the "Headers and Footers" menu.

  9. Print the letterhead
  10. To create notepaper that includes the letterhead, simply print out blank pages with the letterhead inserted at the top. Alternately, select a printing service to print out letterhead paper.