How Can You Design a House for Free?

How Can You Design a House for Free?

There are several websites available that allow users to design house plans free. Autodesk Homestyler and Room Sketcher work by dragging and dropping things like rooms, additions and furniture into a template.

No experience is required to use Homestyler. Simply visit the website to begin designing a home.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click Get Started Now! on the homepage to continue.

  3. Select where to start
  4. Click the small black button with a little house and choose where to start designing. Options include Rooms, Walls & Areas, Landscape & Outdoor and Furnish.

  5. Drag and drop
  6. Drag and drop elements of the design into the planner. Once there, configure elements such as size and color.

  7. Save
  8. Save the designs at any time by clicking File at the top of the page and selecting Save.

Room Sketcher is a little more complicated, but by browsing the options the site offers, it is easy to use.

  1. Select the project
  2. Select a project or a new level on the Room Sketcher website. Choose Start From Scratch for a new home design.

  3. Build a wall
  4. Selecting the thickness of the walls and place them in the open space. Drag the walls to make them as long or short as necessary.

  5. Add windows
  6. Add windows by dragging and dropping them into the floor plan.

  7. Choose the materials for the flooring and other surfaces
  8. Drag and drop selected materials into the floor plan. Options include marble, stone and wood.

  9. Place furniture into the floor plan
  10. Drag and drop furniture into the finished floor plan. Use the green arrow on the right to scroll through different rooms.

  11. Save the design
  12. Click on the Save button at the top of the screen to save the floor plan design.