How Can You Design Blank Diploma Certificates?


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Design blank diploma certificates by adding a colorful solid line border or a lined border that includes graduation hat graphics at the corners of the certificate. Alternatively, place a bow graphic vertically on one side of the certificate to represent a wrapped present, or use multiple lines in varying thickness to outline the edges of the certificate.

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Create a formal design for blank diploma certificates by using a script or elegant font to type the recipient's name and the name of the institution. Designers can also enlarge the name of the recipient on the diploma certificate so it stands out as a primary design element. A common design is to use a phrase like "Certificate of Achievement" or "Recognition of Degree" at the top of the certificate and list the name of the recipient, the date of the diploma and a signature from an administrator at the bottom.

You can place a photo of the recipient or a picture of the school from which the student is graduating behind the text. Make the background image transparent, black and white, or full color.

Print the blank diploma certificate on cardstock paper or traditional paper, and laminate it to protect the surface and the design.

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