How Can You Design Bank Logos on a Computer?


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Design a bank logo on a computer by using a vector design program such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to create an image capable of scaling up or down in size without losing image quality. Choose a design by taking into account the bank's mascot, motto and unique services.

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The first step to designing a bank logo on a computer is the conceptual phase, wherein you come up with different ideas and potential designs that match the needs of the bank. During this phase, think about what message and image you want to convey with the logo, the target demographic of the bank and the different areas in which you want to use the logo, such as a website or a mobile app. Once you have several possible ideas, open the design program, and create a new document large enough to support the designs.

Use the Pen tool to begin creating the outline of the logo, then the Paths tool to modify the outline and drop new vertices. Click on the anchor points in the vertices to create curves and arches for the logo. Use the Fill tool to color in an enclosed area and create different colored sections of the design. Save the image as an SVG file so you may use it at different sizes in various projects in the future.

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