How Can You Find Current Interstate Road Conditions?

How Can You Find Current Interstate Road Conditions?


The Federal Highway Administration subsection of the United States Department of Transportation website hosts a hub for checking road closures and conditions on state and interstate highways across the U.S.. The site lets users navigate through every major roadway in the nation to determine which are closed and which remain open.

The site is extremely simple to use. It presents a page of links that help users access information about road status.

  1. Select state
  2. Users can select states from a table of links to narrow down their search parameters for information about certain interstate highways. This makes it easier to find results relevant to where they will be driving regularly or for a given trip.

  3. Select road
  4. The next step is to select which interstate to learn about. Within the state directories the roads are listed and provide links to status reports which are regularly updated according to maintenance schedules and other public works and weather events which can disrupt travel.

  5. Other resources
  6. The site also includes links to weather and road conditions resources provided by the Department of Transportation and the National Weather Service. There are meteorological survey links also provided by government agencies which help drivers to keep an eye on conditions before traveling.