How Can You Find Current Box Office Hits?

How Can You Find Current Box Office Hits? and allow users to view a list of current box office hits. Both websites rank the lists by the previous weekend’s highest grossing films. Both websites also allow users to click on the movie titles to find out more information about the film, such as video trailers and local showtimes.

As of 2015, box office movies are determined by the number of tickets the film sells and how much revenue is generated. The results often serve as a source of interest for fans and an important part of the Hollywood movie industry. Some fans complain that the film industry focuses too much attention on the profit of a movie and ignores its art form. Some fans, however, might fail to realize that the financial successes of films are influential for the production and funding of future film projects.

Box office bombs or box office flops are terms used to describe films that are considered to have been unsuccessful at the box office. In some cases, determining a profitable film is not always calculated by comparing a box office gross with the production budget. Most movie distributors receive more than half of the revenue, with the remaining amount being kept by movie theaters. On average, the percentage provided to the movie’s distributor is generally higher in the film’s early weeks of release.