How Can You Create Your Own Simpsons Character?

The Simpsons Movie official site hosts a Simpsons avatar maker. The character generator on offers various features and colors to create a fully customized Simpsons character. also hosts a SImpson character generator. Its Simpsonmaker lets you browse through preset feature options to create a unique character.

The Simpsons Movie avatar maker allows you to print custom DVD box art that features your avatar. Register to create and save an avatar. Choose your character's gender, body type and skin color, then select hair, facial features and wardrobe from the provided options and customize their colors. Roll the dice to have the avatar generator create a random avatar. Save, email, download or print the finished avatar.

While the Simpsons Movie site is no longer available from Fox Entertainment, it can still be accessed via

To create a character with the Simpsonmaker on, use the arrows to browse through options for the character's head, eyes, nose, hair and body, adding any glasses and extras. Complete the character, and choose a background scene to place it in. You can also write a message on the image before you print. When printing, only print the final page to avoid wasting paper.