How Can You Create Garage Building Plans for Free?

There are many free online resources, applications, eBooks and websites to help create garage building plans. provides free resources like online guidebooks and downloadable blueprints and construction project plans, while some websites like offer planning checklists, suggestions and tips to create a garage building. Free downloadable applications and books such as "50 Garages" can also assist in creating garage building plans.

In order to create garage building plans for free:

  1. Compile a plan for the garage
  2. Having a design for the garage building prior to creating the building plans is ideal in order to know where it will be built, what size it will be and which structural and convenience features will be included. suggests tips on planning for storage, attic space, door sizes, climate control, design and wiring.

  3. Browse online for resources
  4. Available free online resources can help when creating garage building plans. Free downloadable applications and books can provide ideas, tips, blueprints and more. The applications also provide options for purchasing detailed plans. The 50 Contractor Garage application provides complete construction drawings that can be used and modified to create custom plans for garage buildings as well as electrical and detailed framing plans and materials lists.