How Can I Create an Art Project With a Cow Hooves Theme?


One of the many possible art projects with a cow hooves theme involves making vegetable stamps. For this project, use celery stalks are the best, and cut them crosswise across the grain. Tempera paint or any other washable paint is suitable for the project. Other necessary material include scrap newspaper, construction paper, a knife, and crayons or markers.

  1. Prepare the work surface

    Cover a flat, large work surface with newspaper to protect it from drips of paint.

  2. Choose the card

    Choose the card or construction paper for the project, and place it on the work surface.

  3. Put out the paint

    Tempera, washable paint or any nontoxic, water-based paint is suitable for the project. Pour paints of various colors into shallow plastic containers. If it's important that colors are not mixed, put only one color out at a time.

  4. Cut the celery

    Using a sharp knife, cut the celery stalks crosswise. Cut as flat a surface a possible so that the stamp prints well.

  5. Dip the stamp into the paint

    Dip the celery stamp into the paint. It may take a few immersions to saturate the stamp with paint.

  6. Stamp the card

    Press the celery stamp onto the card. Then, rotate the stamp, and press it again. The two "C"s facing each other look like a cow's hoof. Make a line of hoof marks across the card to suggest a walking cow.

  7. Allow the paint to dry

    Allow the paint to dry on the card.

  8. Add embellishments

    With crayons or markers, add embellishments such as grass, gates, fences and barns to complete an image of a wandering cow.