How Can You Get Cox Television Channels?


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In order to get Cox television channels, subscribers must be in one of the market areas to sign up for services with this provider, which offers cable television and many other services. As of November 2015, the coverage areas for Cox include nearly 20 states, cities or regions throughout the United States, as noted by Cox Media.

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Some cities included in the Cox market are Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona; Macon, Georgia; Topeka, Kansas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Providence, Rhode Island. If a subscriber is in one of these cities, then he can go to the Cox Media website and follow a few steps to get service in his specific area.

  1. Visit the Cox Media website
  2. Select a location on the map provided, such as Omaha, Nebraska. Look at the map to find the coverage area for Cox in this city. Click on the link "Cox Communications" located at the bottom of the page.

  3. Review the different TV packages at the Cox Communication Web page
  4. Click on the "Learn More" link to look at and select one of the three featured television offers for services, such as Cox TV Economy or Cox Advanced TV Premier. Click on the "Order Now" link and follow directions to set up new service at a given home address.

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