Where Can You Get Free Country Music Tracks?


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Free country music tracks can be downloaded from various music sites such as the Free Music Archive website and Last.fm. Each of these websites offer legal, free downloads of music from artists, such as Brett Devar, Pheasant and James and the Ultrasounds.

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Where Can You Get Free Country Music Tracks?
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There are many websites that offer free downloads of public country music, which is music that artists either gave away for free or have sold the rights to the public domain. It is important to make sure that music downloads are legal, because downloading copy written music without the artist's consent is illegal and considered stealing. The websites Last.fm and Free Music Archive have large selections of free country music for downloading, just search "Country" in the search bars of each website. Similarly, specific artists or albums can be searched, but there is no guarantee that those artists will have free music on the sites.

A larger selection of free music is available for streaming instead of downloading. Free country music can be streamed online from various streaming websites, such as Pandora. Pandora and other websites make playlists based off of a certain song or genre, but do not allow users to download the songs for free. To listen to free streamed country music, go to the Pandora website and type in "Country" or a specific artist into the search bar.

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