Where Can You Find a Complete List of Movies Released to US Theaters in 2014?

can-complete-list-movies-released-theaters-2014 Credit: Michael Blann/DigitalVision/Getty Images

The-Numbers.com and WildAboutMovies.com both offer extensive lists of movies released in 2014. The-Numbers.com offers a list of movies arranged by released date along with the movie titles, genres, production budgets and domestic box office statistics to date. WildAboutMovies.com lists movies by week of release.

Both sites offer links to the trailers for each movie released, if available. WildAboutMovies.com shows a poster for each movie, and clicking on the poster provides more information about the movie. On The-Numbers.com, clicking the name of an individual movie brings up a page with the movie’s synopsis, financial information and listings of cast and crew along with box office details.