How Can You Come up With Good Music Trivia Questions?

How Can You Come up With Good Music Trivia Questions?

Music trivia questions can be based around a specific genre or era of music. Other good trivia questions about music can discuss band members, musical deaths or chart performance.

Some common music trivia questions discuss a particular era of music, such as the 1980s. One popular 80s music trivia question is: "What was the first video ever played on MTV?" The answer is "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles.

Sometimes music trivia questions can cover a particular genre, such as rock, country or rap. For example, one such question could ask: "What rapper later hosted the popular MTV show 'Pimp My Ride'?" The answer to that question is Xzibit.

Some music trivia questions can ask for members of a specific band or details concerning them. One such question is: "Which member of Fleetwood Mac had a brother who won a silver medal at the 1968 Olympics?" The answer is guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

Musician deaths also make for interesting trivia questions, such as: "Who were the three rock and roll performers who died in the same plane crash in 1959?" The answer is Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper.

The chart performance of singers or bands is also an interesting trivia category. One such question asks, "Besides 'Take on Me," what was a-ha's other Top 40 hit in the United States?" The answer is "The Sun Always Shines on TV."