How Can You Find What Clothes Are Worn in Movies?

The best way to find your favorite styles from movies is through The Hunt. The Hunt is a website, that has since been turned into an app, and is a great cure for outfit envy.

On The Hunt, you can simply take a picture of your favorite outfit or style, upload it, and wait for the community to find it. The picture you take can be from anywhere, whether it be from the streets, a TV show, at school, or the movies. Once you upload your picture, if another user has seen that outfit somewhere, they can post a link to the website so you can purchase it.

If you don't want a particular piece of clothing, and just want something that looks similar to it, that is an option as well. Before you upload your picture, you just select the Similar to This choice. The website and app also have a Style Me feature, where you can upload a picture of yourself, and other users can introduce you to styles that would best fit your physical features. Even if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, other attributes of the system make it a valuable addition to your shopping experience.