Where Can Clips of Hot New Movies Be Seen?


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The website Fandango offers users the ability to see the latest trailers and released clips of all of the most popular new movies, including movies that have yet to reach theaters. Similarly, there are a number of applications, such as Apple's "Front Row," that are able to stream trailers of hot new movies.

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Fandango is a site that hosts a large community of movie lovers, shares movie clips and trailers, sells movie tickets and discusses the latest movie news. To view the latest movie clips on Fandango, go to the Fandango website and hover over the "Movies" tab on the top menu. From here, search through popular upcoming movies and click on them to read the latest news and watch movie clips and trailers, or click on "View Trailers" to browse through all of the latest videos that have been posted on the site. Furthermore, the search bar can be used to find information and clips of any movie that has already been released.

Other than websites like Fandango, there are a number of applications dedicated to movie-lovers that show movie clips and trailers. The "Front Row" application comes as standard on many Apple products and contains all of the trailers for the most popular movies that are currently in theaters or will soon come to theaters.

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