Where Can You Find Free Clip Art?


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Two popular websites for free clip art in 2015 are Clkr and Openclipart, both of which offer a library of images that can be used on websites and in documents. There are many other websites that offer free clip art images for personal and commercial use.

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Clkr offers a wide selection of free images that come in a variety of formats, such as PNG, SVG or ODG. The images are generally downloadable or the HTML code for the image is made available. It is not necessary to log in or create an account with the website to use or download the images; however, users who create accounts also have the option of submitting their own clip art creations, which can be added to the library and made available to the public.

Openclipart functions similarly in that images are free and accessible to the public, while registered users can also submit their own content. Openclipart also offers registered users the option of commenting on other users' submissions and requesting specific images.

In addition to public domain sites like these, free clip art can also be acquired at sites that offer free clip art under a slightly more exclusive license. For example, Clip Art ETC offers free clip art to students and teachers.

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