How Can Children Safely Access Videos?

Child-oriented websites such as PBS Kids offer safe, child-friendly environments for viewing videos. YouTube also now offers a child-friendly app for viewing videos on mobile devices. Netflix offers child-oriented profiles.

PBS Kids offers various child-friendly video clips and full episodes of its numerous TV programs online. Other activities are also available on the PBS Kids website,, including educational games, puzzles and quizzes.

YouTube offers a child-friendly app for Android and iOS devices, as of August 2015, which allows children to view child-friendly videos and channels vetted by YouTube itself. Besides PBS Kids' own YouTube channel, other programs available on the service include "Yo Gabba Gabba" and "Thomas the Thank Engine." Among third parties approving the app's content include the website Common Sense Media. Normal YouTube features, such as the comments section, are blocked in the YouTube Kids app.

Netflix offers individual viewing profiles as part of its service. One feature is offering a special profile for child viewers that, when chosen, only displays the service's child appropriate content. Netflix offers a large number of shows from cable channels such as Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, as well as its own programming made for the service, such as "Turbo FAST."