What Can Children Learn by Watching "The Electric Company" on PBS Kids?


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"The Electric Company" is a television series on PBS Kids designed to improve literacy in young children. It helps children learn to recognize and learn words, according to the PBS website.

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What Can Children Learn by Watching "The Electric Company" on PBS Kids?
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"The Electric Company" is funded by the Department of Education and produced by Sesame Workshop. The mission of "The Electric Company," as stated on the PBS website, is to help 5- to 9-year-old children learn to read at home. The show focuses on literacy development in its young viewers by addressing topics such as letter sounds, word formation, writing, reading and vocabulary. In addition to teaching children how to read and use new words, "The Electric Company" aims to develop a love of reading in children.

The show uses a blend of comedy, music, animation and celebrity appearances to draw in its audience. It mainly focuses on vocabulary, phonics and reading comprehension. The main characters are a group of friends who call themselves The Electric Company. Each has his or her own abilities to use words, letters and numbers in a unique way. These skills help them to face problems within their city neighborhood, particularly with outsmarting pranksters who have their own, more devious word skills.

Additionally, "The Electric Company" includes a feature called "The Adventures of the Electric Company on Prankster Planet," which is an interactive math experience. Animated segments of the show end on cliffhangers and encourage kids to go online to complete the story. The online games teach skills such as probability and measurement.

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