Where Can I Find Chapter Summaries for "A Place Where the Sea Remembers"?


Individual summaries for each specific chapter of "A Place Where the Sea Remembers" are not available online. Book descriptions and reader reviews can be found on the author's website and goodreads.com.

The book is told from several perspectives, including a healer, a married couple, a photographer, an American, a teacher, a midwife, a fisherman and a birdman. The novel addresses socioeconomic and cultural difficulties of those growing up in a Latin American village during the late 20th century, such as hardships faced by women, political injustice, destiny and finding hope and strength.

Sandra Benitez has also written "Night of the Radishes," "The Weight of All Things," "Bitter Grounds" and "bag lady: A Memoir." "A Place Where the Sea Remembers" was her first book, published in 1993. A Spanish edition of the book is also available. Benitez has won several awards and honors for her work.