Where Can the CBC Channel Number for a Certain Area Be Found?

Where Can the CBC Channel Number for a Certain Area Be Found?

CBC provides coverage maps including channel numbers and channel lists for areas all over Canada on its official website. Viewers can also find CBC channel numbers through their local cable providers.

CBC, Canada's public broadcaster, is available through cable and satellite providers all over Canada. The broadcaster shut down analog over-the-air service in 2012, but still operates digital over-the-air service in many areas of the country.

Coverage maps and channel lists for CBC's digital over-the-air service are available on CBC Radio-Canada's corporate website. To use the coverage map, viewers can simply click on a location pin on the map and select the option for English CBC programming or French Radio-Canada programming to view coverage in that region. The map highlights where transmitters are located, where coverage is available and which channel numbers host CBC programming in the region.

Cable subscribers can find out which channel hosts CBC through their cable provider's website. For example, Bell Fibe or Satellite TV subscribers can select their service and enter their postal code to find channel listings by name and number.

CBC viewers within Canada can also access programming over the Internet. They can find programs by clicking on the "TV" link on any page on the CBC website.