Where Can You Find Cartoon Dinosaur Images?


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Cartoon dinosaur images are available online at DreamsTime.com and ClassroomClipArt.com. An image search on Google will also produce thousands of different cartoon dinosaurs. While some of these images are available to download for free, others cost a fee or require a subscription. In addition, many children's books contain cartoon dinosaur images.

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DreamsTime.com offers thousands of images of cartoon dinosaurs. To download images, users must create an account and purchase a monthly subscription or a package plan that allows the user to purchase a certain number of images per year. To find these images, click on the Stock Images tab at the top of the page. Then, enter "dinosaur" in the search bar and specify "Illustrations."

ClassroomClipArt.com is a website that offers free dinosaur cartoon images. To find these images, click on the Dinosaur Clipart link on the left sidebar. By clicking on the image, users are able to download the cartoon for free and without an account.

A visit to a local library or bookstore is another way to view cartoon dinosaur images. A few highly rated children's books with illustrations of dinosaurs are "How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?" by Jane Yolen, "Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur" by Brandon Cullum and "Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!" by Sandra Boynton.

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