Where Can You Find Carmike Cinemas Movie Schedules?

can-carmike-cinemas-movie-schedules Credit: Brand New Images/Stone/Getty Images

Movie listings for Carmike Cinemas are available on Carmike.com and Fandango.com. Moviegoers type in their cities or ZIP codes to find show times for specific Carmike theaters in their areas.

On Carmike.com, moviegoers browse movies showing at Carmike theaters or browse theaters by states. They can also find theaters by selecting an area and a search radius, and then selecting the date they wish to find a show time. Fandango.com offers a list of theaters organized by state, with each theater listed alongside the city of location. Users can click on the theaters to view movie listings and show times and to buy tickets.

As of 2015, Carmike Cinemas' 278 locations are spread across 41 states and have a total of 2,917 screens. Carmike theaters are typically found in more rural areas; the company leaves urban areas to Regal Entertainment Group, AMC and other larger theater companies.

Like other cinemas, Carmike offers a rewards program for which movie-goers receive one point for every $1 spent at the box office and concession stands. The program also awards random prizes such as free concession items or movie tickets.

Besides show times, the website also provides useful information to movie-goers, including detailed descriptions of each of the films being shown, the amenities offered for specific theaters and show times, and the length and rating of each movie. The website has a promotions section where potential customers can view upcoming special programs.