Where Can You Buy the Top Fiction Bestsellers in 2014?

Where Can You Buy the Top Fiction Bestsellers in 2014?

Best selling fiction can be purchased online or at most stores that carry books. Many websites have a separate page featuring best sellers while stores often devote a shelf or section of shelves to books that make the NY Times best sellers list.

Websites such as Amazon feature pages devoted to New York Times Best Sellers, with books appearing in order. These sites often also have their own best sellers list which may vary from the NY Times list.

Besides books stores like Barnes and Nobel, many stores dealing in groceries or gifts and clothing carry books. Many of these devout shelf space to local best sellers and those books recognized in the NY Times Best Sellers List.

Book stores with websites will also list best sellers on special pages and divide them into categories besides fiction. Amongst fiction books, sections include genre, age group, hard cover, paper back, or e-book versions. Lists are also available showing the best sellers for e-readers, whether by the year or during the past hour.

Readers can also go directly to the New York Times Best Sellers List online. Here, the buy button next to the listing redirects users to sellers who carry the book. The NY Times Best Sellers list is updated weekly, so titles may vary in rank, but a yearly "best of" list is also available. Titles can also be browsed by genre or author.