Where Can You Buy Chainsaw Carvings?

Where Can You Buy Chainsaw Carvings?

Chainsaw carvings can be found on eBay, Etsy and several websites from private artisans. A variety of items can be purchased, from the traditional animals to more unique items such as welcome signs and nontraditional animals.

As of February 2015, eBay has a wide inventory of chainsaw wood carvings available for purchase. Bears and eagles are plentiful, but there are also other items such as benches, welcome signs and totem poles available.

Etsy also has a large inventory of chainsaw wood carvings. Crafters have their stock for purchase and also take orders for custom pieces. For buyers who might want something made specifically for them, contacting a dealer can lead to receiving exactly the desired item.

There are also individual crafters with websites who sell their chainsaw creations. Cascade Carvings, the website for Chainsaw Jack, offers bears, dogs, team mascots, fish, moose, birds and humans carved into cedar with a chainsaw. He also takes custom orders.

The Burly Bear also provides a large assortment of chainsaw and wood carvings. As the name suggests, it specializes in bears, from small hand carvings to the large chainsaw bears, but the company's artisans can create other animals, decorative wood hangings and furniture such as benches, chairs and couches.