Where Can I Buy Body Paint?

can-buy-body-paint Credit: DavideBruno/Moment/Getty Images

Shoppers can choose from many physical and online stores that sell body paint. Walmart is one business that sells body paint in stores and on its website. Amazon and eBay are some of the popular online stores that sell anything and almost everything, including body paint. First-time buyers of body paint usually prefer buying from physical stores. Conversely, professionals, regular users and busy people often choose to buy paint online.

Many body-paint sites, such as Silly Farm Supplies and ILoveToCreate, sell specialized items only. These online specialty shops sell everything that pertains to face and body art, including paint and brushes. They also sell body-paint kits, glitters, books, videos and sponges.

Most online body-paint shops, such as Tulip Body Art, Snazaroo and Mehron, also recommend using nontoxic, easy-to-remove, cosmetic-grade body paint for safety reasons. These particular brands have their own sites where one can easily purchase body paint directly. Snazaroo is famous for kid's face painting, while Mehron is more popular for performance makeup. Body paint can cost anywhere from $7 to $100 or more, and body-paint kits are more expensive. Customers can save money by watching for special deals on body paint during the holiday sales throughout the year.