How Can You Build a Martin House?

Building a martin house can be accomplished with a half-inch sheet of plywood to construct the base, compartments and roof and basic tools such as a saw, screwdriver, drill, stapler and painting supplies. Martin houses are generally adopted by a family of birds and are revisited year after year.

In order to build a martin house, follow the steps below.

  1. Gather materials
  2. A half-inch-thick plywood sheet, wood screws, two gate hook sets, four small metal hinges, a screen, all-purpose caulk, primer and paint are needed to construct the birdhouse. Required tools include a saw, drill, stapler, screwdriver and paintbrushes.

  3. Cut the plywood and assemble the house
  4. Cut the plywood for the base, sides, interior dividers and roof. The base should be approximately 29.5 inches long and 15.5 inches wide. Attach the side to the base, leaving 5.5 inches on the front and back side. Between the two side pieces, install the main divider halfway and attach the compartment dividers perpendicular to the main divider. Drill four holes one inch from the top of the divider and six holes through the floor of each of the compartments. Drill four holes in the front and back side pieces and larger bird entrance holes on each side. Using the hinges, attach the front and back sides to the house.

  5. Attach the roof and screen
  6. Cut 11-inch plywood from corner to corner diagonally to create the roof peaks. From the top of the peak, drill a two-inch hole an inch down from the peak's point. Cut and staple screening over each of the holes and attach the peaks to the front side and back side pieces. Secure the roof panels to the peaks with screws. Drill holes in the roof, centered on each compartment, and staple screening over the holes.

  7. Paint and mount the birdhouse
  8. Seal the roof and edges with all-purpose caulk and prime and paint the martin birdhouse with outdoor oil-based paint. Mount on a telescoping or standard pole so the birdhouse can be lifted and lowered easily.